Aquazone Classic Expansion Pack

Aquazone Classic Expansion Pack Arowana Pack

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

You can download these alternatives:

Add even more fish and realism to the Aquazone screensaver


  • Adds Blue, Red, Gold and Platinum Arowanas
  • Adds two new fish tanks


  • Some fish may be too big for the new tanks


The Aquazone screensaver is one of the most realistic of its kind on PCs.

The Aquazone Arowana Classic Expansion Pack adds even more depth and realism to the Aquazone screensaver. The pack adds some dazzling fish including Blue, Gold, Red, and Platinum Arowanas and includes two tank settings. Note that this add on pack requires a current copy of Desktop Garden already to be installed. If a valid, complete copy of the Desktop Garden program/screensaver is not located, this installer will error and quit.

To install the expansion pack, go to Preferences in the Aquazone menu and choose one of the newly installed tanks from the tank selection in the upper left. Go through the number of available fish and add the number of each you wish to see. If you select a salt water tank, then you'll only see salt water fish are displayed and the same principle applies to fresh water. If you try to select fish that are too big - like Rainbow Trout - then you might find the tanks are not big enough and have to choose another one.

Make your Aquazone screensaver even more realistic and eye catching with this colorful expansion pack.

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